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Why are the white people who against Black Panther so bad at lying?




They proudly exclaim how Wakanda (a technologically advanced African country) is just unrealistic. They vehemently spew some racist rhetoric and cry both in person and on social media…

Then when called out? They say “The entire marvel universe is unrealistic so what I’m saying isn’t false it’s just stating facts”…. except no.

There is a movie about a green woman, half alien, talking raccoon, and a animalistic tree flying through space and you praise it AND exclaim how excited you are to see it. A movie about a child who has spider-like abilities doesn’t make you “uncomfortable” even though it deviates from human norm…. a man transforming into a giant green monster doesn’t make you “uncomfortable”.

But the story of an advanced peaceful civilization that doesn’t involve raping, killing, colonization, AND ESPECIALLY white people makes you uncomfortable to the point where you have to voice your opinion?

Save your breath and just say “I don’t like the idea of Black People being great. I don’t like the idea of Black People not depending on white people. I don’t like Black People, period”

Okay, at first I was like “Wow. I gotta hit unfollow because it’s yet another black person screaming something racists and assumed about white people.” But then I stopped being a dick and actually read what this person had to say.

YES!^^^ Fuck yes. So much yes! EQUALITY! Git sum!

You don’t have to worry about unfollowing, because you’re reply was enough to warrant you a block 🙂

It’s always the weirdos with my little pony p*rn on their blogs that have got something irrelevant to say.

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Why are the white people who against Black Panther so bad at lying?

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