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Mø talks about Justin Bieber

– “He was very sweet, very professional and very friendly. He was nice to me when we met” – says Mø.

The two met on a big TV show in France, where both were to act with each of their tracks. In addition, they made Coldwater together, and it is unclear whether they will soon be on stage together for the first time.

Mø has not difficult to see why Bieber occasionally reacts as he does and she does not want that one should judge him too hard.

– “There must be tremendous pressure, and everything leans on him” – she said.

– “He has been a huge star since he was little. Hundreds of girls have pursued him wherever he has gone, ever since he was a little boy. I think he must feel very lonely. It’s hard to be a superstar. In one way or another you are completely alone. It is no wonder it is difficult.” – says Mø.

She believes that she herself would have reacted the same way – or perhaps even worse.

– “If I had been a giant mega star of his age, then it clicked for me. I became acquainted when I was 23-24 years. He was mega known already in their teens, the most important years in which to develop their personality and find out who you are.” – says Mø


Source: Bieber News

Mø talks about Justin Bieber

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