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Justin Bieber Visits the Dentist

Justin Bieber after the Dentist

Justin Bieber Visits the Dentist

Justin Bieber Visits the Dentist

Justin’s back in LA where he had a dentist appointment. In a series of snapchat videos he’s feeling NO pain as the sedatives take effect.

The 21-year-old is seen a little giggly as the narcotic-infused IV drip starts to work before a wisdom teeth removal operation.

Justin’s friend is alongside him as he records the event for his fans and asks the Bieb, “What you got going on JB?”

Justin smiles as replies, “I’m about to go under. They’re giving me drugs. Probably gonna feel it.”

In the next video he says, “It’s in a different kind of way. I’ve felt this before.”

Later that day he posted some pictures on his Instagram with the caption, ‘#mynurse @micahcravalho, lol thanks for watching out for me GOT MY WISDOM teeth out and haven’t slept!!’

That night he posted on Twitter late where he said, “Got the wisdom teeth pulled. No fun. Glad it’s over. Going back to sleep. Goodnight”




Justin Bieber Visits the Dentist

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