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Justin Bieber Greets Fans outside Hillsong Conference

Justin Bieber goes swimming in Sydney

Justin Bieber Greets Fans outside Sydney Hotel

Justin Bieber Greets Fans outside Hillsong Conference

Justin was seen swimming in the famous Bondi Icebergs pool in Sydney yesterday as he relaxes before attending the Hillsong Church Conference.

The Hillsong Church said that the Justin wasn’t attending the conference to perform, but was there as a delegate, “People come from across the world to Sydney each year to attend Hillsong Conference. Justin is here, like tens of thousands of others, as a delegate who is seeking to build stronger foundations into his life.”

Hundreds of fans were camped outside of Justin’s hotel and as he left this morning he took a few minutes meet some of them and pose for selfies.

Some lucky girls even got a Bieber kiss on the cheek, while other were so emotional that they burst into tears when finally coming face to face with there idol.

A brief history of Hillsong

The Hillsong Church, a Pentacostal megachurch, was established in 1983 by the late Frank Houston and his son Brian Houston.

The church’s headquarters are in Baulkham Hills in the north-west of Sydney with campuses all across Australia and some parts of the world, including London, Ukraine, South Africa, Sweden and New York.

Services are also held in France, Germany, Amsterdam, Spain, Moscow, Los Angeles, Argentina and Brazil.

The church claims that over 30,000 people attend services in Australia each week.

The Hillsong Church almost came tumbling down in 2014 when it was revealed in a Royal Commission that its Senior Pastor Brian knew of about his father Frank’s molestation of a number of children decades earlier but never reported it.

In 2000, Frank confessed to the sexual abuse of a boy in New Zealand 30 years earlier, seven years later further allegations emerged that he had sexually abused a trainee pastor during counselling sessions in the early 1980s.

The senior pastor defended his decision to not inform police after finding out about his father’s alleged sexual abuse because the victim, who was an adult at the time of the revelations, referred to only as AHA, did not want a police or church investigation.

Brian said he believed he was doing the right thing at the time by informing the church’s elders and the overarching Australian Christian Churches organisation, despite not reporting it to police.

The senior pastors of Hillsong Church are currently Brian and his wife Bobbie Houston.

The church’s beliefs are Evangelical and Pentecostal in that it holds the bible as accurate and authoritative.




Justin Bieber Greets Fans outside Hillsong Conference

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