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jordansasser: #TBT to when @JustinBieber finally got to meet…

  • jordansasser: #TBT to when @JustinBieber
    finally got to meet me.. 😂 HAha, KIDDING. What’s funny is that I told
    God years ago that I’d love to meet Justin, simply so I could encourage
    him. And #Jesus made it happen a few months ago in L.A. ✔️ (He walked into one of my @AmericanIdol rehearsals at #CenterStaging in L.A. 😆 #Casual.)
    This guy receives constant criticism, bullying & negativity each
    day and probably not enough encouragement. He’s just like the rest of
    us. What if EVERY detail of YOUR teenage years / early 20’s was put on
    display for the world to see on TV, in magazines, via social media,
    etc.? I bet you’re glad that DIDN’T happen. We ALL mess up & this
    dude isn’t exempt from receiving GRACE. I know I need it!!! (Ask @AlexSasser.
    😜) I may have only had a moment with Justin, but I wanted it to mean
    something; I had a vision for it. And after what I said, he looked me in
    the eyes & said sincerely, “Thank you.” Probably because he needed
    it. We ALL need it. So this #ThrowbackThursday post is dedicated to a guy named #JustinBieber who I think is super gifted, & I hope ALL the best for his life, in JESUS name!!! God loves you like crazy bro & #TeamSasser is #TeamJustin. 😎✌️ I mean, I’m a #Belieber. 💯😂 *P.S. Justin, I have to say I was really diggin’ your Mortal Kombat shirt that day. 👊⚔🐉
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    jordansasser: #TBT to when @JustinBieber finally got to meet…

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