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JonBoy talk about tattoing Justin Bieber

I have to ask, as a Canadian, how was tattooing Justin Bieber? 

Oh man, it was a dream because I’m a fan so I was sitting there like, ‘wow just last night I was [sitting in the] nosebleeds at the Barclay Center and now your face is right here and I’m about to tattoo your face.’ So it was neat. Of course, I was like ‘oh man, I better not mess this up. This is J.B., I cannot ruin this handsome man’s face.’ So I made sure that it was perfect.

How was his pain tolerance?

He was good. If anything he could have sat for hours, that tattoo took like seven minutes or something like that. It was a quick tattoo for him. I mean, it was neat there was something beyond getting that tattoo. It was neat because it was in the middle of his Purpose tour and I saw how tired he was and just drained and I asked him, ‘can we pray before we do this tattoo?’ And we did and he’s just been crushing it. I continue to pray for the guy and it’s so neat seeing him just hanging out with our pastors and choosing the right path. It’s not easy for a guy like that to do the right thing but he’s surrounding himself with good company and good people.


Source: Bieber News

JonBoy talk about tattoing Justin Bieber

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