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Jan 2014




Justin Bieber posing for camera






Justin Bieber to face charge stemming from alleged Toronto assault

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is expected to arrive here in Toronto today to face a charge in connection with an alleged assault involving a limousine driver in late December, CBC News has learned.

Toronto police say they were called to Dundas Street West and University Avenue on the evening of Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013.

Bieber, 19, had attended a Toronto Maple Leafs game that evening at the Air Canada Centre.

At the time, police said they were investigating an assault allegation but said it was unclear whether it was Bieber or a member of his entourage who was the subject of a complaint.



Chantel Jeffiers

Justin Bieber’s drag racing girl Chantel Jeffries shopped story for $23,000




 Usher and Bieber manager Scooter Braun rush to Panama resort to ‘talk some sense’ into troubled Justin










Justin Bieber on Panama Beach

Justin Bieber on Panama Beach




justinbieberThank u lord ♛

justinbieber;   Thank u lord ♛






Justin refuses to board private jet sent by his team to Miami after his DUI arrest

  • The singer refused to board a jet in Miami that waited for him all day
  • His team wanted him to leave Florida and enter rehab as soon as possible
  • His mother Pattie Mallette has urged her son to stop partying and get help
  • Selena Gomez ‘worried sick’ by his behavior



The 19-year-old refused to board the plane because that meant facing his team, including manager Scooter Braun, to have a heart-to-heart about his wild ways, MailOnline has learned exclusively.






Justin Bieber waves after leaving the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami

Justin Bieber waves after leaving the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami

Justin Bieber on Miami drink-drive charge after ‘road racing’

Singing star Justin Bieber has appeared before a Miami court accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs.

Police said Bieber was arrested early on Thursday after racing his sports car on a Miami Beach street.

They said he did not co-operate when pulled over and also charged him with resisting arrest without violence and having an expired driving licence.

The 19-year-old singer was granted bail set at $2,500


He has had several run-ins with police over the past year.

In the latest incident, police said the singer had been racing against another sports car in the early hours of Thursday.



Justin Bieber with Lamborghini



Bieber’s mom wants people to pray for her 19-year-old



Justin spray painting



Justin Bieber smoking Cuban cigar




tin Bieber in Miami

Justin Bieber ‘spends $75k in Miami strip club’ and police deny drugs are found at his home




The troubled star had his mansion in Calabasas, California, searched by officers last Tuesday after he was accused of a vicious egg attack on his neighbour.

It was claimed last week that police found drugs and drug paraphernalia – including two large cookie jars filled with marijuana – ‘strewn all over’ Justin’s house during their raid.

Now law enforcements have now denied this.







Justin Bieber ski googles in Aspen

Police find drugs and paraphernalia in Justin Bieber’s LA home

Justin Bieber had drugs and drugs paraphernalia in his LA home when police raided the property, it is alleged.

The 19-year-old bad boy hit headlines earlier this month when he pelted a neighbour’s home with eggs, leading police to be called to investigate vandalism claims.



Justin Bieber in selfie

Justin Bieber Snowboards in Aspen After Egging Drama







Justin Bieber snowboarding

Justin snowboarding with friends



Justin Bieber at Celtics game

Justin Bieber in the clear on racy cell phone photos

Cops have no plans to grill Justin Bieber over drug boasting or sexy snaps that might be on a seized cell phone, the lead detective on his egging case.

“He doesn’t have to worry about drug talk or naked pictures. It’s pretty widely known the kid smokes weed. A search warrant based on drug talk is not going to happen,” Lt. David Thompson said.

“And the whole world has naked pictures on their phones. With Justin Bieber, at his level, it might be people we know, so it might be a concern for him. But he doesn’t have to worry,” Lt. Thompson added. “We’re looking for images or information related to the egging. Nothing else is getting out. It’s safe in the hands of law enforcement.”





Justin Bieber in red

 Justin Bieber “Ignored” Advice To Ditch Lil Za Before The Police Raid!





Justin Bieber compass tattoo

Maybe that’ll give him some direction! Justin Bieber unveils new compass tattoo

He displayed increasingly erratic behaviour last year.

Now perhaps Justin Bieber’s new tattoo will help give the 19-year-old some direction.

The singer unveiled a new compass tattoo on his tricep on Sunday, just one day after revealing an inking of a joker on his forearm.

In the Instagram shot, Justin Bieber sits shirtless as he looks at the camera, his arm and the tattoo prominently displayed.

The tattoo is his 22nd, and depicts a black-and-white compass, with the dial pointing just east of south.

It comes after he showed off another new tattoo of a jester’s face with the signature hat tipped with bells.





Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber faces felony charges for ‘egging neighbour’s house’

Pop star Justin Bieber could face felony charges for allegedly egging his neighbour’s house on Thursday night.

Police say Biebs was caught on video throwing eggs at the home, reportedly causing $US10,000-plus ($11,200) in damage to the posh Venetian plaster exterior.

LA County Sheriff’s detectives hope to nail the serial vandal once-and-for-all, furious that he’s broken the law numerous times and not been held accountable.

Cops have reportedly asked the homeowner to provide repair estimates.

In California, if the damage is greater than $US400, the charge becomes felony vandalism.




Justin Bieber egg attack

Justin Bieber ‘heard swearing at neighbour on video after pelting his home with more than 20 eggs





Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez fans flock to Aptos to search for singers

A handful of Beliebers descended on Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos Tuesday afternoon in search of Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez.

“I’m obsessed with him,” said Sanika  16, of Aptos. Kshirsagar and her friend, Retly Reyes, 17, were driving through the parking lot of the resort on Summer Avenue for several hours with the hope of meeting the teen pop idol.

Santa Cruz Deputy Chief of Police Steve Clark confirmed Justin Bieber arrived in the area Sunday, though he didn’t say whether the singer was still in Santa Cruz. Monday morning, the superstar tweeted — — he was on break with his father.

Clark said his daughters  saw rumors online that Bieber was in Aptos Monday night and, when they went to investigate, spotted the idol with Gomez. Gomez was wearing a blonde wig and Bieber had a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses, Clark said. The Clark sisters said after the two idols realized they were recognized, they ran inside the Seascape Beach Resort, with Gomez’s wig falling off in the process.

Bieber explored the Pogonip area, where he was given access by Santa Cruz rangers.

Witnesses said other local news outlets that Bieber camped Saturday night at their campground on San Andreas Road near Sand Dollar Beach. Bieber was riding on a Segway with friends, witnesses said.

When Kshirsagar heard about Bieber coming to the area, she asked one question: Why?

“Why would he come here? Why would he come to Aptos and Santa Cruz?” she said.

Despite the doubt, she searched anyway because.






Justin Bieber’s new album ‘Journals’ fails to make Top 40




Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez selfie has Gomez fans howling

The pop sweetheart Selena Gomez is back in the arms of Justin Bieber – and fans are dismayed that the good-girl role model keeps coming back to the trouble-making twerp.

In an intimate new selfie, Selena Gomez, 21, is shown hugging Bieber, 19, from behind and gazing at him lovingly as he looks directly into the lens,

“Love the way you look at me,” Bieber posted, along with the photo.[1]




Justin celebrates new year’s eve with friends at the TIME nightclub in Toronto.




The top10 list below provides insight to the other side of Justin Bieber in 2013 – the side NOT OFTEN portrayed by the media.


1. Justin granted his 200th Wish for Make-A-Wish

2. Justin makes a surprise visits at Whitney Elementary School

3. Justin Bieber’s “Baby” made history when he received the Diamond Award, which reached 12x platinum, making it the #1 most certified song in US music history.

4. Working with Pencils of Promise, Justin helped build another school in Guatemala.

5. Justin performed over 150 shows and visited over 40 countries during his BELIEVE TOUR.

6. Justin raised over 1 million and visited the victims of typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.

7. surprise fans during Believe movie.

8. Justin Bieber surprised car-accident survivor Kate O’Neill.

9. The first artist, before the age of 19, to achieve five number one albums

10. He received the first ever Billboard Milestone Award.


Jan 2014

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