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David Guetta talking about '2U' and Justin Bieber

MTV: Hello Mr David Guetta! You’ve got a new song with Justin Bieber coming out tomorrow – please tell us more. 

David Guetta:It’s just a very romantic love song. What I’m trying to do here is a combination of emotional parts and the energy of crazy electronic dance beats. That’s what I do, and that’s what I like. I like making the people dance, but with a tear in their eyes.

MTV: Nice. How did the collaboration with struggling up-and-comer Justin Bieber come about? Who made the first call, yourself or Bieber?

David Guetta: Actually it happened through a good friend of mine, his name is Poo Bear [Jason ‘Poo Bear’ Boyd] – he wrote almost the entire album [Purpose] for Justin. We’ve been working together for many years, writing songs together, and then he gave me the surprise that he’d played the song to Justin without telling me. And then, one day, he said, ‘David, check out this email, I have a surprise for you.’ So I’m like, ‘okayyyy,’ and he had asked Justin to record the song. It was the most amazing surprise!

MTV: Considering that emails are the scourge of the Earth, that’s got to be one of the best emails you’ve ever received, right?

David Guetta: Yeah, it’s really, really crazy. I knew Justin from clubs; he comes to my shows sometimes. But, of course, that was a whole different story. His career is unbelievable. I respect his choices; it’s really crazy that he went from this teenage artist to one of the most credible artists on the planet, making quality pop music in an accessible and credible way. I think this is really fantastic.

MTV: What’s going on with the Victoria’s Secret teasers you’ve both been putting out? Please explain, David. Please explain.

David Guetta: It’s funny because, by accident one day, I was playing my residency in Vegas – I have a pool party at a club called Encore Beach – and some models from Victoria’s Secret were there, so I just posted a video. Usually, I don’t post about models, but it was crazy, I had like six million views, which, obviously, is a lot. So I called my manager, and they said ‘that’s crazy, because we’re actually talking with people from Victoria’s Secret,’ and then we made it happen. They proposed whether I would be interested in doing this, and I said ‘yeah, of course, that would be amazing.’ It’s cool to have the most beautiful girls in the world singing the song.

MTV: Are you making a music video with Victoria’s Secret?

David Guetta: We’re probably going to do two music videos. But that’s one of the videos, yeah.

MTV: Why two?

David Guetta: It’s amazing to have the Victoria’s Secrets girls, but I also wanted something that’s not branded, you know? But this is amazing; I’m very flattered that they’re doing this.

Source: MTV UK

Source: Bieber News

David Guetta talking about '2U' and Justin Bieber

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