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Carl Lentz talks about Justin Bieber and his baptism

Carl Lentz, a lead pastor at Hillsong Church in New York City, talk with Oprah about Justin Bieber and your baptized.

Pastor Lentz recounts who was visited by his friend, Justin Bieber, late night “He got to a place where he was like, “I want to start fresh, and I want to make this real. What is baptism?"”.

Carl Lentz says that was a problem finding a place to hold the sacrament in the night, they tried to go to four different places, “And I finally called my buddy Tyson Chandler, who at the time played for the Knicks. It was about 3 a.m. And I said, "Tyson.” He said, “You good?” I said, “Yeah. I need to borrow your pool.” He’s like, “For what?” I said, “I’m with Justin”, because Tyson had known Justin. I said “We want to baptize him.” and he’s like “I can’t get into the pool, but come and use my bathtub."” — his bathtub was specially made for 7-footer.

“And it was probably one of the most special things I’ve been a part of” – Pastor Lentz says about baptized Justin Bieber.

“You baptized him?” Oprah says.

“Judah and I, yeah, in that giant tub”Pastor Lentz says.

Source: Bieber News

Carl Lentz talks about Justin Bieber and his baptism

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