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August 2014


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez riding in LA

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez riding in LA

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen Wednesday evening riding around. One fan captured video of the seemingly on-again couple on a Spyder bike!

Justin Bieber's first shave

Justin Bieber’s first shave

It took him a really long time to grow it, and now Justin Bieber shaved it off on Wednesday.

The young pop star posted the clip on Instagram for his 20 million followers.

“Should I do it?” Bieber says to a friend before he starts.
Hollywood Mansion

Justin Bieber rents $29,500 per-month Hollywood Hills mansion

Justin seems to have listened to Miley Cyrus’s advice and moved to a home that comes complete with it’s own nightclub.

Having gotten in to trouble with his rented apartments with his noisy parties, Miley told Jay Leno during a recent interview that Bieber keep a low profile, saying, “You have a lot of money, buy a house with a night club.”

Hollywood Hills Mansion

Hollywood Hills Mansion
Justin has left his two rented Beverly Hills condos and moved into a fully-furnished 16,000 square foot mansion in the Hollywood Hills, Trulia said.

Rented for $29,500 per month, this house gives Bieber all the privacy he needs, with no nearby neighbours.

And with 10 bedrooms, he has lots of room for his friends to stay over anytime they want.

biebs rental 2

Beside the nightclub, with the 80-foot long bar, disco lights and sound system, there are three bars Justin can use when he reaches the legal drinking age.

The games room has a pool table and a ping pong enclave which will probably get plenty of use.

Hollywood Hills Mansion

This house even has a floating staircase and an elevator which should make getting to the two master bedrooms easy.

And with the funky blue lighting through out the house, even the Biebs should be happy here!
Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez August 2014

Justin Bieber with Selena at Church Wednesday Evening

Justin was seen attending bible study with Selena Gomez on Wednesday night, at the City Church, in Los Angeles.

Bieber is a born-again Christian and arrived late for the service, later he shared a photo of the pair.

A source said, “The pair sat next to each other while partaking in Bible study and seemed very close. They then left together in Bieber’s car.”

“Justin looked really comfortable with Selena as he still believes their bond is unbreakable.”

Justin later posted on Twitter, “God is good”, which was retweeted 70,000 times.

Two months ago the Bieber was baptised in a New York bathroom.

Pastor Carl Lentz said to TMZ that he has spent a week with Justin doing intense Bible studies, which ended with the ceremony.

Justin wanted to find a church for the ceremony but decided to keep it private.


Justin Bieber jogging in Beverly Hills

Justin Bieber jogging thru Beverly Hills

Wearing neon green shoes with leather shorts and a plain white tank top biebs took to the streets of Beverly Hills for a few miles of jogging.

With an expensive-looking Rolex, baseball cap while clutching his phone he tried to look inconspicuous.

Justin Bieber chats with Malala Yousafzai

Justin Bieber chats with Malala Yousafzai

Justin did some face to face chatting with the young Pakistani activist, Malala Yousafzai.
He later posted this:
“Just got to FaceTime with Malala Yousafzai. She has such an incredible story. I can’t wait to meet her in person and talk about how I can support her and the @malalafund.”


Justin Bieber attemps Flyboarding

Justin Bieber tries Flyboarding

After a BIG week Justin Bieber was trying to forget his troubles as he tried Flyboarding in Ibiza on Sunday.

Flyboarding, is where a powered water jetpack is connected to the users feet and thus propels them into the air.

Justin tried hard but struggled to master the tricky task and continually crashed into the water.

Wearing orange board shorts, plus a safety vest and helmet Justin only gained a few feet in the air.
Justin Bieber Flyboarding
But he never gave up trying get the hang of it as his entourage cheered him on from the luxury speedboat they watched him from.

Later Justin was showing off his white Calvin Klein briefs, probably because he’s just landed a contract with the underwear label.

Bieber posted to Instagram later pictures of his lavish hotel, with the caption: ‘Leaving Ibiza.’


August 2014

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